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Who We Are

Founded in 1999, Elite Designs became one of the first website firms in the technology industry.  By growing up working with websites in basic tools like Notepad and search engines like Alta Vista, Dogpile, Yahoo, Web Crawler, AOL, MSN and others, we gained experience that no other website marketing company that started up later, could ever have.  Our knowledge base and wealth of expertise is priceless.  Because we have such familiarity with user trending and search engine “behavior”, it has given us the ability to understand and even anticipate search engine changes.  Because of our wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience, our work has a greater long term affect.  This is part of what sets us apart from our competitors.  They can never gain this type of experience nor will they ever produce the types of results that our clients have come to expect from us.

We have been helping businesses dominate their online target market for over a decade now. From highly effective and measurable marketing campaigns to the creation and development of ecommerce and content management Websites, Elite Designs has the right solution.  Everything is handled by our in house experienced staff. 

Elite Designs becomes an extension of your team, your Internet Website and Marketing Department.  Using the business knowledge you supply to us in combination with the Internet Industry knowledge we posses, a powerful marketing force is created with one goal in mind—the success of your business. You benefit from our extensive experience with a diverse client portfolio including both, Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business markets. 

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